Leading Solution Provider for EUV Lithography

Black border laser annealing SOL300 is a black border laser annealing system, which reduces the reflectivity of EUV
masks by forming a “black” border around the die pattern area.

In contrast to traditional etching technique, black border laser annealing reduces particles,
improves mask quality as well as reduces the total cost of ownership.


Main Features

  • Mini environment enclosure
  • IR wavelength fiber laser
  • Optimized laser beam for (fine processing of) EUV mask
    • Beam uniformity : < 5%
    • Beam shape : Square or Rectangular
    • Beam edge sharpness : < 5㎛
  • Laser system optimized for EUV mask with 4-axis precision stages
  • Real-time beam monitoring and interlock
  • Optimal configuration and user interface for EUV mask production